Abbeydale Golf Club

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One Ball: £40.00 Two Ball: £80.00 Three Ball: £120.00 Four Ball: £160.00

09:15 exclamation mark09:24 exclamation mark09:33 exclamation mark09:51
10:00 exclamation mark10:09 exclamation mark10:1810:2710:3610:45 exclamation mark10:54
11:0311:1211:2111:30 exclamation mark11:3911:4811:57

One Ball: £40.00 Two Ball: £80.00 Three Ball: £120.00 Four Ball: £160.00

13:0913:1813:27 exclamation mark13:3613:4513:54
14:03 exclamation mark14:12 exclamation mark14:2114:3014:3914:4814:57
15:0615:2415:33 exclamation mark15:4215:51

One Ball: £25.00 Two Ball: £50.00 Three Ball: £75.00 Four Ball: £80.00


A exclamation mark symbol indicates a time where you cannot book all 4 players. This may be due to restrictions on the number of players, or because you may be joining other golfers at that tee time. Hover your mouse over the symbol to find the maximum number of players for that time.

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