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Strategic Plan for Abbeydale Golf Club

Fellow Members,

Like any golf club, Abbeydale draws on a wide cross section of people. There are many who understandably simply wish to play golf and socialise and there are others who for a period of time commit to assisting in the running and management of the golf club.

At Abbeydale we are fortunate to have a good number of members who not only love their golf but are also willing to give some of their time in support of the running of the Club and in its activities. Many such members from time to time volunteer to support the Club’s employed staff by taking roles on our 3 main committees or on the Board of Directors. Many others give their time and expertise to advise the Club on projects and initiatives or to provide their services for the benefit of the Club.

In 2018/2019 the Board, Captains, President and Golf Manager, supported by a number of other members, put in many hours analysing the running of the Club, its management and finances, with the aim of developing a set of shared, medium to long term goals for the club. From these, more detailed business and operational plans can be developed and implemented. Whilst those representing the Club as above will inevitably come and go, it is hoped that a shared, high level plan for the Club covering the next five years, will ensure continuity of direction and consistency in the way that the Club moves forward.

It is not suggested that these plans will be fixed in stone or that they are guaranteed to deliver in all of the areas addressed. What we do believe however, is that with an element of planning and consistency we are more likely to be successful.

The first part of this planning process: The Strategic Plan, can be viewed by clicking the link below.

Strategic Plan 

Hard copies are available throughout the clubhouse and on request. I hope that you find it of interest and useful in understanding the proposed direction of Abbeydale Golf Club.


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